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Make Your Home Shine

Create Curb Appeal
Make a good first impression. Make sure your landscape is neat and your yard is free of refuse. Welcome your prospects. Have your entry area clean and freshly painted or varnished.
Keep It Clean
Clean or, if necessary, paint the walls and woodwork. A faded interior reduces the appeal.
Brighter is Better
Let the sunshine in. Open drapes, clean windows, turn on lights for an inviting look. Brighten basements with fresh paint. Remove unnecessary items to show full value of storage.
Kitchens and Baths Make a Difference
Make your kitchen and baths sparkle. Keep counters clear and repair faucets and caulking.
Attend to the Details
Keep your home in “move-in condition.” Clean carpets, rugs, and window coverings. Little things mean a lot. Fix the minor flaws, such as sticky doors and loose knobs.
Space is Important
Show off your closet and storage areas.
Make storage areas look bigger by keeping them well organized.
Remove excess furniture to maximize space and show off your floor plan.
Limit or remove unnecessary objects from furniture and walls.
You Are Welcoming Guests
Keep your pets out of the way – not everyone loves them the way you do.