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Guide to Handling Offers

After the Offer
A systematic approach.
Negotiating the Contract. We will:
  • Ask the right questions when the offer is presented to get an idea of the buyer’s sincerity and financial situation.
  • Review the contract and your obligations before you sign.
  • Estimate your net proceeds based on a specific offer.
  • Help you handle the issue of “possession.”
  • Protect you from signing a “blank check” for unknown problems or repairs.
  • Explain how contingencies and release clauses work.
  • Explain the ramifications of pest control and general structural reports.
  • Explain your legal disclosure requirements and review the Real Estate Transfer Disclosure Statement again with you.
  • Explain your responsibilities regarding the condition of the property.
  • Verify that the buyers have received all appropriate booklets.
  • Orchestrate the offer process to arrange “back-up” offers when possible.
Monitoring and Managing the Escrow
  • Stay in constant communication with the buyer’s agent to ensure a smooth escrow.
  • Coordinate the details of the transaction with the escrow officer.
  • Follow up closely on the progress of the buyer’s loan and coordinating the payoff of your existing loan.
  • Facilitate the appraisal process.
  • Monitor contingency removal dates closely and discuss these with you.
  • Advise you regarding specific buyer requests related to structural pest control and general structural inspections.
  • Help you if conflicts or impasses with the buyer arise.
  • Be present with you at the title company when you sign your escrow instructions.
  • Ensure that you receive your check and settlement documents promptly after closing.